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SLI Insurance

[Car Costs]

At A Glance

Supplemental Liability Insurance, (also known as SLI, Top-Up and Top Guard Insurance) is an optional cover extension which covers your liability to third parties, resulting from an auto accident in a rental vehicle. Generally SLI provides cover for bodily injury, and property damage, other than to the rental vehicle, up to a maximum protection of $1,000,000 for each accident.

It is worth remembering, that in the event of an accident. you can still be liable for third party damages, even if an accident was caused by someone else.

Commonly Asked Questions about SLI Insurance

Q. What does "third party liability cover" mean ?
In simple terms, if you are involved in an accident, irrespective of who is to blame, you may be sued and found legally liable to pay damages to the person or persons injured, should they win the lawsuit. This is Third Party Liability - you may be liable for any injuries to the third party.

Q. If I have separate travel insurance, as part of my package, do I still need SLI ?
Holiday insurance specifically excludes third party liability claims arising from the use of a vehicle, therefore, if you have an accident in your hire vehicle, and a third party is injured as a result, you will be better off if you have opted to accept SLI. You can however refuse it if you wish, though the hire company will endeavour to persuade you not to refuse SLI, and will be very careful to ensure that you fully understand the implications of it's refusal.

Q. Does the car hire company provide any liability insurance ?
The car hire company provides limited third party liability insurance cover. SLI extends this liability to $1 million. Liability claims may exceed the limited liability coverage provided by the car hire company.

Q. How do I obtain SLI and what is the cost ?
The person renting the car must indicate on the rental agreement that you accept SLI. This must be done at the beginning of the rental when the paperwork is being completed, since it can not be added on once the agreement has been signed. There is a daily charge for SLI.

Q. Do many people purchase SLI ?
The majority of people value the additional security and peace of mind that SLI provides, and thus usually purchase SLI cover when completing the rental agreement, or will have opted to extend the cover to include SLI when initially booking the holiday.

Q. Are there any exclusions or limitations under SLI ?
Yes. All exclusions of cover will be listed in the Master policy on file in the Corporation Office.
Also SLI does not apply:
  • If you fail to pay the rental charges.
  • If you, or any authorised driver violates the terms of the rental agreement.
  • If you do not accept SLI at the beginning of the rental areement.
Generally a complete copy of the SLI policy is available for inspection upon request.

Q. If I am involved in an accident, how do I report a claim ?
If you have an accident, you should immediately contact the location from where you originally hired the vehicle. They will provide any necessary assistance in completing the accident report.

This information merely provides a brief summary of SLI. It is not intended to act as a substitute for the actual insurance policy, which will govern all cases.

Remember that this information is purely a guide, and that it is up to the person signing the rental agreement to decide whether to accept or refuse additional SLI cover.


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