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The Timekeeper

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At A Glance  

The Timekeeper is currently closed, and it is unclear whether or not it will re-open.

The Timekeeper is a 20 minute presentation which combines the best of Audio Animatronics, with a 360-degree CircleVision film, and various special effects. The storyline is hosted by a mad scientist robot known as "Timekeeper" who has created the only known time machine.

Timekeeper sends 9-eye, a flying robot camera (reminiscent of the 9-lens camera used to create CircleVision films) back in time on a whistle-stop tour of the past, all of which is then presented through the CircleVision film medium. Note that one of the interesting points of a CircleVision film is that with the film-show taking place all around you, some sections can be quite un-nerving, particularly to anyone especially prone to motion sickness.

The Timekeeper is voiced by Robin Williams, while Rhea Perlman provides the voice for 9-eye, Jeremy Irons for H. G. Wells, and Michel Piccoli for Jules Verne.

The fiml shown at the Tomorrowland Circle Vision theatre has been changed on regular occasions since the park first opened in 1971. The full lineup from the beginning is:

Start End Film
25/Nov/1971 15/Mar/1974 America the Beautiful
16/Mar/1974 14/Mar/1975 Magic Carpet 'Round the World
15/Mar/1975 9/Sep/1979 America the Beautiful
10/Sep/1979 14/Sep/1984 Magic Carpet 'Round the World
15/Sep/1984 9/Jan/1994 American Journeys
21/Nov/1994 May 1995 Transportarium
May 1995   Timekeeper


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