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Sites by Solarius

Hotel Cheyenne



Disney's Hotel Cheyenne is themed to resemble a small American frontier town of the far west, typical of the towns depicted in various Western films, and the cast members around the hotel join in with various western outfits

The hotel buildings are set away from the main hotel lobby area and are themed to resemble the typical buildings seen in western towns, so you may end up staying in the "saloon", the "hotel", or even the "jail". Scattered among the hotel buildings are various indian teepees, and covered wagons, which kids will love exploring.

The street lights in the town are shaped like gallows, while the hotel features two children's play areas.

The town's main street, named Desperado Street runs through the centre of the town, and is flanked on either side by the hotel's residential buildings.


There are 1,000 rooms located in 14 residential buildings, named after various Western characters such as:

Sundance Billy the Kid
Running Bear Wild Bill Hickok
Cochise Jesse James
Doc Holliday Soaring Eagle
Annie Oakley Butch Cassidy
Sitting Bull Calamity Jane
Wyatt Earp Geronimo

The closest buildings to the centrally located hotel reception area are "Wild Bill Hickok", "Jesse James", "Billy the Kid", "Sitting Bull", and "Wyatt Earp". The two buildings "Sitting Bull" and "Billy the Kid" are clustered around the Fort Apache children's play area.

The rooms are relatively small compared to the other more expensive hotels, and generally contain a single double bed, with a bunk-bed as well, to cater for a room occupancy of four people. Other in-room facilities include a mini-bar, ensuite bathroom facilities, and a television with english speaking channels. Approximately two thirds of the rooms have interconnecting doors, though they can be locked if guests don't want to use the facility.

An In-Room baby sitting service is available if required at an extra charge.

The price of the room usually includes a free continental buffet-style breakfast. Other breakfast selections are available at an extra charge.


The Neveda Game Room is a video arcade room, located close to the General Store in the main hotel lobby. Games are chargable, and carry a per-play cost.

The Fort Apache Playground and Indian Village will provide endless hours of amusement for children.


The General Store is located in the main hotel lobby area, and sells all kinds of toys, souvenirs, disney merchandise, and a small selection of snack food and drinks.

The General Store is open from 08:00 AM until 23:00 PM daily.


Hotel Cheyenne doesn't feature any full service restaurants, instead the Chuck Wagon Cafe is a self service food-court style restaurant, featuring picnic-table style tables and bench seats. Dishes are laid out on several stalls, themed to resemble a Texan market.

Inside the Chuck Wagon cafe, is a real covered wagon, which again kids will love playing in.


There are no pools at the Hotel Cheyenne complex.


Disney Characters appear every morning at 08:30, 09:30, 10:30 and 11:30 in the main hotel lobby area.

Check in / out

The earliest check-in time at Hotel Cheyenne is 13:30 PM local time, with the latest check-out time being 11:00 AM local time.

Generally Disney prefer a credit-card imprint to be left with the hotel's reception, which will be used to cover any additional items that you charge to the room during your stay.

On checking into the hotel you are issued with a Disneyland Paris ID card, which is valid up until 11:00 AM on the day of departure. As well as being usable as a charge card, the ID also provides access to the hotel swimming pool, health club, theme park car park, and also provides access to the Hurricanes night club at the Festival Disney area.


The Hotel Cheyenne resort is located approximately 15 minutes walk from the theme park, and is directly across the Rio Grande river from the Hotel Santa Fe complex.

A Disney shuttle bus service is available that leaves from the hotel's main reception, depositing guests close to the theme park gates, though unless the bus is already waiting it's probably quicker to walk, since there's a 3-4 minute walk to the park from the bus' destination stop anyway.

Hotel Cheyenne,
BP 115,
77777 Marne-le-Valée cedex 4,
Tel: 01 60 45 62 00
Fax: 01 60 45 62 33


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